Raboso Piave:
Qualità dalla Terra di Origine

The Raboso wine is one of the ancient kind cultivated in the North-East of Italy. In particular in a special part of land near Piave. This is the reason of its name: Raboso Piave.
We have mark of this old wine from Plinio il Vecchio since Roman age.  Jacopo Agostinetti  wrote in 1697 that Raboso wine was a "rare wine to taste when the weather is hot".
Raboso wine was shipped also in the New World thanks to its full-bodied quality allowed so long journey already in far-off times.

The most important characteristics of Raboso wine are its astringent taste and cherry smell and its bright  thick red color. It is a very important wine that can be aged for more years.

Ca' Franco  proposes a toast with RABOSO ROSE' VIGNAIA, a very fruity and fresh sparkling rosè wine. It can be sip iced in the summer or eating finger foods or fish dishes. A stylish young wine that is perfect for all occasion.

We can carry on with Ca' Franco's RABOSO FRIZZANTE, a little sweet red sparkling wine, perfect with roast meats, salame and served chilled with snack. An engaging and "crawler" wine for any friendly occasion.

The top selection of Raboso wine for Ca' Franco farm is RABOSO ROSSO DEL BOCIA, a full-bodied flavour aged wine with  Morello cherry aromas.
The grapes were collected late when they are almost blasted, only in favourable vintage. So we produce Raboso Rosso del Bocia only with the best grapes in the best vintage!
The wine matures in oak casks for few months to intensify its bouquet and to soften its hard tannins.
Best drunk with roast meat, canard à l'orange and mature cheeses.

And finally, for the end of the meal, we suggest you to take a look of our original liqueur Elisir of Raboso: unforgettable!

Raboso Rosso del Bocia


Elisir of Raboso Wine, liqueur Razza Piave®

The Elisir of Raboso Razza Piave is the traditional country liqueur from Piave, made by Ca' Franco with Raboso wine and grappa,  selected spicy and especially with all the passion and tradition of our Farm.
It's an intense red spicy full-bodied liqueur, made with a handed down natural recipe, perfect as an after-meal digestive, drunk in chocolate glasses. Ideal with Tiramisu and Sacher cake or with ice cream.

Liquore Elisir di Raboso